Ending the energy crisis

Thursday, July 16, 2009

mankind deserves every bit of violence against it

I have now been on the internet for 27 months straight after successful experiment to end global energy crisis with no greenhouse gases. the internet connects millions if not billions of human beings. the internet was just invented- the television was just invented in 1950's to bear witness to human actions- so many great advancements were made recently from a constant struggle of mans time upon earth since time immortal.

VERY SOON now global nuclear war will result from a lack of energy in this world- iran and koreo press the buttons every day as they dont have enough electricity to sustain itself as America has big enough army to dispose any oil rich country to play its own game-

Its purpose is to show mankind how ugly and disgusting YOU are as you will witness the skin melt off your loved ones for YOU will understand how good you had it when you lose it. There are many who will read this and laugh, and thus you will understand why it must be global- 27 months with solutions and friends dont care- passer bys dont care-none care unless banana given for solution to our lives-

and thus all people should understand their past
the whites of Europe should understand how 50 million just got slaughtered in ww2 as you are disgusting atheists and many pagans still live within it

the blacks of America should understand why they were slaves as you were a savage animal from Africa that needed taming in Christ- many are but many are still savage monkeys

the native Americans and all the Americas should see why they were slaughtered as they were savages then but have converted- yet many still are

the jews were lined up like disposable items in ww2 because all people are disgusting ugly savages still to this day

YOU smile in public and maybe kiss friends and people on the cheek- but heaven and hell know when you are slapped lightly on the cheek from another in stress YOU show your teeth.
THUS- one comes to kick your teeth in AGAIN

soon all will see why man must be your brother- one final lesson upon the monkey planet in nuclear war and mankind will EVOLVE thru mental anguish and sorrow of the loss they just witnessed in order to end the days of disgust- your love for excess materialism-sex-everything- let the monkey learn itself-very soon now the earth will have shaped and cultivated a monkey into a noble child of god- time will tell

I am the messiah

I bring the gift of energy to open the doors of utopia in order for nations and people to grow far stronger- it will be uncovered by the survivors of nuclear war- not this savage monkey generation the pinnacle of caveman aggression since time immortal-very soon

solomon azar

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How the second coming of christ will be accepted

In the year 2009 the rogue nations of iran koreo and similar will scream their need for energy and continue to build nuclear power plants. The byproduct of fissionable material helps their party stay in office as any human with a job tries desperately to keep it for stability. Sooner rather than later the trigger for global nuclear war will result. nation leaders understand as economy now stalled and overpopulation is overburden for infrastructure put in place. massive reduction will take place, global destruction will be complete in order for every human to receive a taste of why man must love one another. This will be the final level of barbarism as mankind desires to attain peace. In the rebuilding of ruins it will be found a solution brought forth by one claiming messenger of god with key to energy was trying desperately to uncover upon social forums-energy forums-as much as one human can do upon the newly invented device to communicate with "fellow humans"- The net. all of it in vain at this time for mankind is far too ugly to one another- there is no trust with one another- far too much deceit is rampant and commonplace and impossible for truth to surface amidst such filth. Mankind will understand media and verbal communication are paramount to successful life- in the age of documentation that has just occurred present century- all will be concluded for proper universal behavior in order for one family on one earth to live in harmony. In the future my words will be found by the survivors of global nuclear war for they will have evolved by mental anguish and sadness how to be a better human being and listen to one another. not this generation the pinnacle of caveman aggression since time immortal, always meant to be, to push and provoke one another- this is how answers come- most times thru blood- so be it- it comes again- my words of nobility unity and sharing come after science vindication. facebook-myspace-all social forums are nothing but zoo for animals where no respect is given- but far worse- university professionals and science forums are disgusting, stubborn and arrogant- far worse than the church’s negative picture painted by blind atheists. Time will tell.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Teslavision- here is an AID to understand my lightning fusion process- think of the television- approx 20,000 volts propel a stream of electrons from back of tele to front screen to impact phosphors- it is known once charged particle is moved it acquires magnetic field- and subsequently it may be guided by external magnetic to paint the front of screen with any image you want-thus- high voltage but now high frequency with Tesla coil will oscillate charged particles of isotopes of hydrogen bound in heavy water and an additional "pinch" may be squeezed upon particles in transit by external magnetic s- "DO YOU GET THE PICTURE YET"

Sunday, February 1, 2009

a question posed: how long does it take for infinity to master the monkey body?

a question posed: how long does it take for infinity to master the monkey body?

For example- if mankind itself is the spirit of an entity of infinite potential sprung forth from infinite possibilities- it should be evident a primary goal is upon man.

if this very decade of the media and communication of the internet has been constructed by so many forces of mankind- it should also be realized this very decade would not have been possible without the previous decade or generation of input by our forefathers- the age of electricity made possible by the age of mechanization- industrial revolution-so on and so forth-

for it should be evident that man has his associated tribe/family has been on a constant state of growth ever since time immortal- well at least when man figured out or blessed with abilities to make fire- to see the LIGHT

YOU may now see that no single decade of progress is ever possible without the previous- simply understand this very decade and all discoverys-made possible by input of all before us- THANK YOUR PARENTS-


to begin that last statement- i will simply say this- of all the beliefs of mankind- in the hindu religion it is considered that the lowest forms of human life is unequal- in the kingdom of heaven - this SHALL mean to you when all the worlds children are given an opportunity with school-food-shelter as any child at least to some common age uniformly accepted by all peoples(teenage is my bet) then mankind itself will only BEGIN to understand our purpose and the days of FAITH will begin to end


Saturday, January 31, 2009

Energy is the root of all evil-and source of all light

In the beginning man was blessed with the light of knowledge- with this light man set upon the earth in an attempt to master natures fury for his family and peoples- In the beginning way before gold was a trading partner- it was fire that was far more important for people in their daily lives to just live-stay warm-defend from animals-etc.

and time goes on where many families have been born and lived side by side whereby all the benefits from fire/ENERGY will make pottery to hold food-melt ores to make man stronger-to make steam to make machines- to make electricity for 20th century- to make energy to fuel this very internet- for without energy- no one man nor country could survive- THUS- a battle since time immortal- do brothers love one another- many do and we try to live together-but when resources get scarce- it is in our nature to fight for sustenance and survival- or should we just passively fade away? man will fight- thus- to end fighting means man must have an abundant source of energy.

for without this fire it is dark-and many who are without its light are surely in a dark place-and so man seeks the light- seeks the qualities of fire and energy- I believe i have solved the global energy crisis- in the journey to find its light and warmth is a story of FAITH- one in which i see none between people and thus kaos exists-when faith comes-energy comes-and the light comes with it- time will tell

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I am the man who has solved the energy crisis with no greenhouse gases by myself. I thought that was the hard part, ending my experiments april 2007 i have tried to communicate with people on the internet-the gateway to humanity connecting millions of souls- one major problem- FAITH- in the struggle of man on earth in his own battle with faith to god- is FAITH with your friends and neighbors and whomever you meet anywhere in life. it is now 5years on this net i say i solved energy crisis - will you help uncover- none do anything- no wonder the global economy has failed and on brink of nuclear war- The consequences of atheism have come. February 28 2012